Single Mode Multimode 1000M Fiber Media Converter

Single Mode Multimode 1000M Fiber Media Converter

HR900W-GE-25-3-TR (1-Port 10/100/1000M RJ45 + 1-Port 1000M fiber ports )
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Product Details

Product Description

Ethernet optical fiber transceiver can efficiently realize the conversion between 10 / 100

Ethernet optical fiber transceiver can efficiently realize the conversion between 10 / 100/1000M Ethernet electrical port and fiber port, automatically compatible with half / full duplex mode,It can carry out long-distance data and video signal transmission via optical fiber,which is convenient for network upgrading and flow control. Adopt international advanced chip and design to ensure the stability and practicability.With ultra-low transmission delay and line speed forwarding ability,it can realize flexible Ethernet expansion even in harsh environment. Use standard international optical and electronic components to ensure reliable and stable operation.This series of products can be configurated with combo port, able to connect with single-mode fiber or multi-mode fiber according to the user's situation.Adopts double side ventilated heat dissipation design.Support desk and rack installtion.

Main Feature

1:Built-in high efficiency switching core to achieve flow control and reduce broadcast packet

2:Automatically adapt to 10/100/1000Mbps network environment, free conversion network upgrade

3:Support full-duplex and half-duplex transmission mode, automatic negotiation 

4:Support 9216 byte packets, monitoring and transmission more smooth 

5:Complete power link, working mode indicator light, working state at a glance 

6:low power consumption low heat, long time stable work, network security advanced 

7:Support dual-fiber multimode , dual-fiber single-mode,single-fiber single-mode,and multiple fiber interface options



I/O Interface


DC  5V


1-Port  10/100/1000M  RJ45

1-Port  1000M fiber  ports


Switching   Capacity




MAC   Address


Jumbo   Frame


Transfer   Mode

Store and forward


100000  hour


Network   protocol

IEEE802.3 (10Base-T)

IEEE802.3u (100Base-TX/FX)

IEEE802.3ab   (1000Base-TX/FX)

IEEE802.3x (Flow control)

optical characteristics

multi mode:850/1310nm   (0-2KM)

Single mode:1310/1550/1490nm(0-120KM)

Industry   Standard

EMI:   FCC Part 15 CISPR (EN55032) class A

EMS:   EN61000-4-2 (ESD)、EN61000-4-4 (EFT)

Shock:   IEC 60068-2-27

Free   Fall: IEC 60068-2-32

Vibration:   IEC 60068-2-6  

Network   Medium

10Base-T   : Cat3、4、5 or above UTP(≤100m)

100Base-TX   : Cat5  or above UTP(≤100m)

1000Base-TX :   Cat5  or above UTP(≤100m)  

Optical Media

Multimode fiber  : 50/125、62.5/125、100/140um

Single   mode fiber : 8/125、8.7/125、9/125、10/125um


Security   Certificae



Working   Environment

Working Temperature:-20~50°C

Storage Temperature:-40~70°C

Working Humidity :10%~90%,non-condensing

Storage Temperature:5%~90%,non-condensing

Working Height:Maximum10,000 feet

Storage heigh:Maximum 10,000 feet


Structure   Size

Product   Size:94*70*26mm

Package   Size:245*190*60mm

Product   Net-Weight:0.2*2kg

Product   Gross-Weight:0.7kg

Packing   Info


Packing   Qty:40 Pair

Packing   weight:29.5 KG

Power   Voltage

Adapter   input voltage : AC  100-240 V

 Media Converter   input voltage:DC  5V

Package   List

Media   Converter 2 pcs, Power Adapter 2 pcs, User manual 1 pcs, Qualification Card 1 pc


LED Indicators

PWR(Power indicator)

FDX(Network  mode)

1000M(1000M Network Link)

100M(100M Network data)

FX(Optical  Link&Act)

Link(Network Link&Act)

Ordering Info


1000M Fiber   Media Converter-dual-fiber   multimode 550m  TX/RX 850


1000M Fiber   Media Converter-dual-fiber   multimode 2KM   TX/RX 1310


1000M Fiber   Media Converter-single-fiber   single mode 3KM  TX1310/RX1550


1000M Fiber   Media Converter-single-fiber   single mode 3KM  TX1550/RX1310


1000M Fiber   Media Converter-single-fiber   single mode 20KM  TX1310/RX1550


1000M Fiber   Media Converter-single-fiber   single mode 20KM  TX1550/RX1310

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