CPSE 2017 -The 16TH China Public security Expo

- Oct 29, 2017-


The China International Public Security Expo (CPSE AMB) was established in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone in 1989. The 17th professional exhibition has grown for 30 years and is an influential smart security exhibition in the world.


After the development of digital, networked, high-definition and intelligent, public security video surveillance system has formed a pattern of wide coverage, large network and high intelligence. At the application level, it has strong demand for big data processing to digest and utilize massive amounts of Video surveillance information, assisting in the detection of cases, and achieving pre-warning. Targeted at the challenges of public safety, customer-centric intelligent video analytics technology, combined with cloud computing, cloud storage and powerful big data analytics capabilities, has become a smart video solution. From the perspective of top-level design, the state has proposed many new concepts and new ideas for the construction of public safety video surveillance networking. As early as October 2016, the "Global Artificial Intelligence Development Report" mentioned that artificial intelligence will be the first to be applied in seven areas, and the security industry is impressive. Nowadays, intelligent security systems that use technologies such as big data, cloud computing, mobile Internet, and Internet of Things can make security protection no longer passive. "Artificial Intelligence + Security" is becoming active defense for passive defense, and realizes visualization, network and intelligent management in the field of public security.


Many security companies have launched products and solutions for “artificial intelligence + security”, and hope to build a true smart security ecosystem based on artificial intelligence technologies such as deep learning, AI, and Internet of Things; because the growing supercomputer provides it A large number of computing resources, second check massive video surveillance big data, making the security industry become the blue ocean with the most application space for artificial intelligence applications; more and more security devices are connected to each other, producing smart cities, smart homes and smart cars, everything can be Intelligent. Artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things have brought subversive changes to security products and technologies. At this exhibition, various technologies and products combining big data, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and security have become the highlights. Big sharing, big intelligence, big data, and large opening will become the typical characteristics of the new security industry in the new era. It also injects multiple values into the smart security, which is of great significance for improving urban public safety management, innovating social governance, and serving people's livelihood.