2019 HongRui Attend Las Vegas ISC WEST Exhibition

- Apr 10, 2019-


The show is hosted by Reed Exhibitions (USA), the world's largest exhibition company, and supported and recognized by the US Security Industry Association (SIA) and the California Alert Association (CAA); it is held every spring in the western United States city of Las Vegas.

The exhibition is recognized as a large-scale security exhibition in the United States. More than 1,000 exhibitors from the last exhibition, more than 30,000 professional visitors, and an area of more than 25,000 square meters, the number of participants in this exhibition increased by 10%, creating a new record, and let the organizers foresee the next session. success. All along, the industry has regarded the Western United States International Security Products Expo as a barometer of the US security industry. ISC West serves all security product distribution channels and holds a forum for the release of new processes, new technologies and new product solutions, providing a good business negotiation platform for all exhibitors and professional visitors in the security field! The show brought positive business opportunities to security product manufacturers and service providers. The audience of the exhibition came from various parts of the security product sales channels, including security dealers and system integrators, and a large part of the audience was the end users of security products. Compared with last year's exhibition, the end users of security products that arrived this year increased by 7 %). Security product manufacturers and service providers can communicate and communicate with the above audience through the exhibition.

This year, more than 10% of the show participants came from countries outside the United States. Among them, security experts from Canada accounted for a large proportion, followed by Mexico, Brazil, South Korea and Australia.


During the three-day exhibition, the entire exhibition hall was crowded, and even the aisles were crowded with people who came to watch the exhibition. Security product manufacturers bring information-rich product introductions; industry insiders and technical experts and engineering experts from enterprises can discuss the current challenges in the industry at the exhibition site; at the same time, the industry can also discuss the bottleneck of new product development with manufacturers. And the future market demand for new products. Leading manufacturers in the industry are here.