HongRui Team Attend Dubai INTERSEC 2019

- Jan 20, 2019-

INTERSEC is the largest exhibition of industrial fire safety products in the Middle East. The organizer Frankfurt exhibition is an important bridge for East-West exchanges. Every year more than 100 exhibitions under the Messe Frankfurt exhibition are held around the world.


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Professionalism: With its strong publicity and brand recognition, Messe Frankfurt has made INTERSEC the best way for safe fire companies to enter the Middle East. The UAE Security Exhibition covers all major fire and safety products, and the number of buyers has risen year after year. Participating in this exhibition can more directly understand the specific needs of the products and markets of the Middle East and the world, help improve the technical content of products, adjust and improve the structure of products, lay the foundation for the production of high-quality products, and ensure the export and guarantee The export is in the normal direction.


The UAE is dominated by the oil production and petrochemical industries, while focusing on the development of economic diversification. The Emirate of Dubai is the financial, economic and trade center of the UAE and the commercial and tourist center of the entire Middle East. It is known as the “Hong Kong” in the Middle East. It concentrates about 70% of the non-oil trade in the UAE and also has the title of “trade capital”. The economic industry is dominated by the financial industry, oil trade, freight transportation, and tourism. Dubai has the world's first seven-star hotel, the world's largest shopping mall, the world's largest indoor ski resort, a steady stream of oil and an important trading port status, bringing great wealth to Dubai, now Dubai has become Synonymous with luxury.

The local awareness of fire protection and safety is reflected in various industries and fields of society. According to estimates, the Gulf countries spend more than $1.3 billion annually on fire and safety and grow at a rate of 10.4% per year. There are 1.3 billion people in the radiation population. The booming construction industry has driven the rapid growth in demand for fire and security products.