HRUI 10 Gigabit Layer 3 Managed Ethernet Switch

- Jan 11, 2021-

Currently, network technologies such as 5G, Wi-Fi6, and 8k high-definition video have begun to spread. As the core key equipment in the network transmission architecture, the traditional Gigabit Ethernet core switch has become increasingly unable to meet the requirements of large traffic, high bandwidth, and low bandwidth. With the network transmission architecture requirements of delay, multiple concurrency and multiple service data streams, 10 Gigabit network switches with stronger performance, more reliability and practicality have gradually become the mainstream of market applications. In the context of this trend, HRUI recently launched a new 10 Gigabit Layer 3 managed Ethernet switch—HR-SWTG3448S.

HR-SWTG3448S is a high-performance 10-Gigabit Layer 3 managed Ethernet switch with powerful data exchange processing capabilities and rich network management functions and product business features. The product adopts industry-leading 10 Gigabit network switching chip, equipped with 48 Gigabit Ethernet ports + 4 10 Gigabit SFP optical ports + 1 Console port + 1 USB interface, supporting routing, VLAN, multicast, storm suppression, DHCP, Access control, spanning tree protocol, QOS, ring network protection, link aggregation and other business functions, support USB quick configuration, CLI interface and WEB network management and other maintenance and management methods, with complete security control strategies and network protection mechanisms, It can be deployed flexibly according to actual business needs, and is widely applicable to various large and medium-sized network convergence/core layers, helping users build flexible, convenient, stable, reliable, and easy-to-maintain data communication networks.

HR-SWTG3448S_01 HR-SWTG3448S_02