12U Wall Mount Cabinets Wiki And Usage

- Apr 19, 2019-

Wall mount cabinets and ground standing cabinets are the two common types of network cabinets that provide platforms for housing equipment like switches or patch panels, keeping them in an organized and safe manner. Ground standing server rack usually comes in 36U, 42U or 45U, which is used in data centers or large companies since it can house more equipment. On the other hand, wall mount cabinet are available in 6U, 9U, or 12U, which works well for small or home-based offices with a restricted amount of workspace, because it can be installed on walls for saving floor space. Here focuses on 12U wall mount cabinets, introducing the types and usage.

Why Choose 12U Wall Mount Cabinets

Wall mount cabinets can be installed on walls, which is often used to house network switches, servers, patch panel or applications like telephone and audio/visual equipment. For 12U, the “U” stands for the rack unit that is an EIA standard measuring unit for rack mount type equipment. 1U is equal to 1.75″ in height. A 12U wall cabinet means it would have 21″ internal usable space (12×1.75″). It can accommodate networking equipment with a maximum depth of about 17 inches (it’s better to leave about 3 or 4 inches space for airflow or adjustment), which is ideal for standard server or network switches installation. Compared with the large 42U network cabinets, this wall network cabinet uses a small and compact 12U design, which can be placed on desks or mounted on walls in classroom, retail store or office for storing equipment and saving floor space. In addition, with a 12U wall mount cabinet, users can easily access the servers and network equipment, and securely protect the equipment.