Additional POE Switch Implementations In 2019

- Apr 19, 2019-

Image of a desk phone set with 'POE' in the phone display.

The growth of devices used at UF requiring Power over Ethernet (POE) has led UFIT to schedule more frequent POE switch implementations. POE is the technology allowing network cables to carry electrical power, so a single connection can provide both power and network connectivity.


The most popular devices across our campus requiring POE technology are the VOiP phones. Others include LED displays and digital cameras. The demand for POE at UF will continue to grow as more devices, vehicles, appliances, and other items with embedded electronics enables things through the internet. 

UF’s network switches follow the POE industry standard (IEEE 802.3). While more recent devices in the marketplace have safeguards prohibiting the simultaneous use of both POE and regular power, older devices may not have these safeguards. To avoid damaging your equipment, please review the manufacturer’s documentation that accompanied your device to ensure it supports IEEE 802.3. Connecting an unsupported POE device to a POE cable can lead to device constraints or device damage.