AI PoE Switch Large-scale Video Surveillance Solution

- Sep 12, 2020-

Solution 1: 500-1000 monitoring points network transmission solution

Solution scenario:

200W pixel network high-definition camera, 2 dot matrix infrared cameras, the number of cameras is 500-1000, the maximum video stream is 4Mbps, and the transmission distance is within 100 meters


Program description

Access layer switch: select HR901 series, 24-port PoE switch (HR901-AFG-242S), 16-port PoE switch, etc.

Convergence layer switch: select HR-AFGM-2444S l2 managed POE switch

Core switch: use L3 managed network switch, support 10G expansion, high-performance forwarding

Scope of application: This solution is suitable for various high-definition surveillance scenes of the same type, such as smart buildings, universities, hospitals, scenic spots, and industrial parks;


Solution value

1: PoE power supply network

2: Multi-port PoE switch networking, less equipment purchase

3: Easy to install, maintain and cost-effective

4: Gigabit fiber access to Gigabit core connection, long-distance transmission network does not freeze

5: Link aggregation between the convergence layer and the core layer, reducing costs while increasing bandwidth

6: 10 Gigabit enterprise-level core Layer 3 switches support Vlan division, and can also achieve exaggerated network segment access

7: The core switch has strong performance to meet project needs

8: Sufficient port redundancy, easy to expand at any time