Build An Efficient Security Transmission Network To Guard The Beautiful Community

- Nov 26, 2020-

2020.11.20 Success Stories

Project Description

Xingzhou Bay Community is located in a prime area in an urban area in southern China. It is positioned as a low-density, high-green, high-quality, and high-comfort residential community. The total area is about 11,000 square meters, of which the green area is about 5,000 square meters. Approximately 4,500 square meters, and about 1,000 square meters of land for leisure facilities. There are 183 households, and the maximum number of people that can be accommodated is 1,500, and the maximum number of people that can be accommodated is about 60,000.

According to the community’s security technical prevention and management requirements, it is necessary to deploy a three-dimensional high-definition security video monitoring system, and adopt high-speed transmission equipment and high-definition security monitoring technology to realize the whole area of the community's entrances, parking lots, building access control, leisure places, and community perimeters. Azimuth video surveillance coverage provides a strong guarantee for the life and property safety of residents in the community, and effectively improves the level of community security management.

Project Requirements

As a high-end residential community, Xingzhou Bay has high safety factor requirements. Because of its large area and dozens of security monitoring points, building an efficient and stable security video surveillance network requires the following requirements:

◆ It meets the requirements of multi-channel divergent video signal transmission, supports long-distance optical fiber network transmission and 100-gigabit high-speed network communication.

◆ To meet the transmission quality requirements of high-definition network video signals, it is required to ensure that the signal does not lose packets, frames, and delays.

◆ With PoE function, it can continue to power the front-end security camera and transmit network signals, reducing wiring costs.

◆ Adapt to a variety of harsh environments, good anti-interference ability and protective performance, stable and uninterrupted outdoor all-weather work.

◆ The system is flexible and has good scalability, and can be expanded in terms of monitoring scale, level, scope, and functions.

Topology Program

After fully considering the above requirements, the project party combined the functional characteristics of HRUI Hongrui's smart PoE switch products, and adopted HR902-AFG-42NS-6-port Gigabit smart POE switch and HR902-AF-1621GS-19 ports at the access layer. Smart standard PoE switch; At the same time, HR-AFGM-3448S-10 Gigabit uplink 48-port Gigabit three-layer managed PoE switch is used at the aggregation layer, as the core transmission equipment of the entire backbone network, to build an efficient, safe, and Stable video surveillance network transmission system. The specific plan is as follows:

◆ At the front end, HR902-AFG-42NS is used as the camera power supply and video signal transmission equipment; especially for parking lots, building access control, entrances and other camera-intensive areas, HR902-AF-1621GS is used for access.

◆ HR902-AFG-42NS and HR902-AF-1621G two PoE switches are aggregated to HR-AFGM-3448S through optical fiber according to the actual project.

◆ HR-AFGM-3448S is used as the management equipment of the entire transmission network in the community monitoring computer room, which is connected to the system management server, storage NVR and client to ensure the stable operation of the system.