Core Switches Buck The Trend

- Jan 25, 2021-

Higher, faster, stronger, not just a classic Olympic slogan, now it has penetrated into the field of digital infrastructure.


Data from IDC shows that the storage demand of data centers is rising by more than 50% every year, and is expected to grow to 163ZB in 2025. The application of cloud, edge computing, machine learning and artificial intelligence, as well as the foreseeable driverless cars will bring huge data interaction needs. The reason is that data transmission, sharing and analysis are playing more and more in the business process. The more important the role.

The superposition of these factors has brought tremendous pressure on the data center infrastructure to exponentially grow, and put forward unprecedented stringent requirements on the carrying capacity of the network infrastructure.

"The world of martial arts is fast and not broken." 400G has become the de facto standard for next-generation Ethernet, and core switches have become the "new oasis" for cloud data center network infrastructure construction. New H3C Group spent three years in R&D and verification, and finally launched 400G core switch products into commercial and mass production.

Why cloud data center core switches are so important

Compared with the 4G era, terminal efficiency in the 5G era will increase by several tens of times. Forecasts show that the terminal connection density in the 5G era will reach the level of 100,000 per square kilometer, which will inevitably put higher requirements on the transmission rate of the bearer network. In the data center, the large-scale deployment of high-performance computing clusters and 100G servers driven by AI applications will also promote the rapid evolution of mainstream port rates at the core layer to next-generation standards.

For data centers and services that require high-speed data transmission, what characteristics are required for core switches that can carry huge network throughput?

According to the name, as the name implies, the core switch is the switch on the core layer, which is the backbone of the network. Since the core layer is for applications with higher reliability, performance and throughput, it needs to have high-speed forwarding communication and provide the characteristics of an optimized and reliable backbone transmission structure.

In the large data centers of operators, Internet and finance industries, they often need to carry a large number of public/private clouds, data mining, Web and other computing and network resource-intensive applications, and the support of core switches is essential.

The cloud data center core switch from 100G to 400G seems to be an upgrade of bandwidth, but in essence it is a difference in product platform and network capabilities.