Do You Know What Is A Network Powered PoE Switch?

- Apr 19, 2019-

Before understanding the PoE switch, we must first understand what is PoE.

PoE is the technology of power over Ethernet, the Ethernet cable through the standard of network connected equipment (such as Wireless LAN AP, IP Phone, Bluetooth AP, IP Camera etc.) for remote power supply, eliminating the single power supply equipment are installed in each IP network terminal equipment on the problem. That does not have to be deployed separately for power system equipment in the field, can greatly reduce the wiring cost management and deployment of terminal equipment, to promote the development of related fields.

The PoE switch is in Ethernet switch on the basis of the traditional internal add PoE function, so the switch not only has the function of data exchange, but also through the cable transmission power, this is the network switch power supply. It can be distinguished from the general switch in appearance, PoE switch in front of the panel has a "PoE", which means that the PoE function, and the general switch is not.
Through the PoE switch to achieve network power supply, has many advantages.
1, simple deployment. The use of PoE do not dig, cable, installed power socket, only need a RJ45 port, you can through the existing Ethernet provides different power supply modes for different regions of the equipment.
2, more flexible. With PoE, network cameras and wireless access point is no longer limited to the installation location, no matter how far the AC power outlet, they can be deployed anywhere in the need, which makes the network monitoring more perfect.
3, more secure. Compared to the AC power supply, PoE power supply belongs to the weak category, no security risks strong. And through the cable power supply, only the need to connect the power supply equipment, Ethernet cable will have the voltage, eliminating the risk of leakage on the line.
4, lower cost. The cost here is not just about money, but also the cost of time. It takes a lot of time to complete the traditional power line, and it will be a big expense. Only use PoE switch power supply, do not have a lot of time without manual, basically plug and play, very simple and convenient.
5, convenient management. The traditional monitoring system management and maintenance is very complex and cumbersome, the use of PoE power supply, the network camera and wireless access point for remote control, re allocation or reset.
PoE switches offer improvements in reliability, cost reduction, and ease of deployment for webcams. With the development of network monitoring, more and more network cameras can be powered by PoE. Fengrunda technology is reliable and has the PoE switch cost and easy to use to make all kinds of network cameras can be seamlessly used, help the construction of safe city. Fungrichda PoE switch, in short, "core" technology: fast, steady, full.