Fiber Switch Function

- Feb 20, 2019-

The fiber-optic Ethernet switch is a high-performance managed Layer 2 fiber-optic Ethernet access switch. Users can choose all-optical port configuration or opto-port hybrid configuration to access fiber-optic media with single-mode fiber or multimode fiber. The switch supports both remote management and local management of the network to monitor port working status and switch settings.

The fiber port is particularly suitable for applications where the access point of the information point exceeds the access distance of the Category 5 line, the need for anti-electromagnetic interference, and the need for communication confidentiality, including: residential FTTH broadband access network; enterprise high-speed fiber-optic LAN; high-reliability industrial distribution Control System (DCS); Optical Digital Video Surveillance Network; Hospital High Speed Optical LAN; Campus Network.

Functional description

Non-blocking storage-forward switching mode with 8.8 Gbps switching capability, all ports can operate at full line rate at full line simultaneously

Support 6K MAC addresses, with automatic MAC address learning and update function

Support port aggregation, providing 7 sets of aggregated broadband trunks

Support priority queues to provide quality of service guarantee

Support 802.1d Spanning Tree Protocol/Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol