Gigabit Fiber Transceiver Adjustment Measures

- Apr 19, 2019-

1. Measures to reduce the attenuation value

Attenuation is closely related to ACR, and small attenuation will contribute to the improvement of ACR. The attenuation of the cable is determined by factors such as the structure, length, and ambient temperature of the cable. Measures to reduce the attenuation are:

a) The total length of the horizontal cable and the work area cable does not exceed 100 meters. According to the attenuation formula, the longer the cable, the greater the attenuation.

b) Avoid laying long-distance cables in metal conduits as close as possible to the surface of any other conductor, with a 2%/3% attenuation. In addition, high temperatures will also severely increase attenuation.

2. Measures to reduce crosstalk

Among the characteristics of all wiring systems, crosstalk has the greatest impact on the performance of the network. It affects the following parameters: NEXT, Power sum, ACR, etc. Reducing the crosstalk value is beneficial to the increase of the above parameters. Specific measures to reduce crosstalk are:

When making pair connection, you must connect according to the TIA-568B standard. Otherwise, the serial connection will cause serious crosstalk. If NEXT can't pass the test, not only that, a series of NEXT-related parameters, such as ACR, can't pass the test because of the pair winding. That is to say, the cable with good quality will have poor performance due to the series connection. .

b) When disconnecting the cable pair or installing it on the distribution frame, shorten the non-twisted part as far as possible, and the maximum length should not exceed 13mm.

In addition, in addition to the above methods, the cable should be treated carefully when installing the cable, and the cable should not be subjected to excessive force. The bending radius of the cable should meet the cable manufacturer's specifications. Only in this way can the cable structure be maintained, thus contributing to the above Improvement of technical indicators. This is also a basic requirement for construction.