Gigabit Switch Development

- Feb 10, 2019-

It is a great investment for R&D personnel and suppliers of network products to design a mature and stable network equipment. They all hope to master the core technologies and capabilities in the design process and launch the products as quickly as possible. Based on this demand, the semiconductor chip manufacturers of network equipment have designed the switch chip into a modular way. Whether it is developing a simple switch or a cutting-edge core routing switch, its design ideas will be like jigsaw puzzles played by children. It's just as simple. Dr. Ford Tamer, vice president of network equipment chip provider Broadcom, said: "Compared to competitors, the advantages of Broadcom chip solutions are low cost and high performance."

The reporter began to be surprised by Broadcom's remarks as a leader in the exchange chip market, but quickly understood: The use of technological advantages to introduce more simplified and closer to the market, relying on scale advantages to reduce costs, this is the international leader The way to survive.

As the leader of the main chip used in Gigabit switches, BROADCOM is the world's top chip research and development organization. Broadcom chips are mainly used in the communications industry, such as CISCO, 3COM, Huawei, and Youken.

Modular design means that more excellent products can enter the market quickly, and it means that competition has shifted from the product itself to the technical competition of the building blocks, so Chinese manufacturers have more opportunities. We look forward to Chinese manufacturers making a difference.