Hongrui New Products-Bypass POE Switch

- Apr 24, 2020-

First of all, we need to know what is the bypass function. Bypass definition: bypass means that the two networks can be physically connected directly without passing through the system of network security equipment through a specific trigger state (power failure or crash), so Bypass After that, when the network security device fails, the network connected to this device can also be connected to each other. Of course, this network device will no longer process the packets on the network.

To put it simply, when the switch is powered off or crashes, the switches can still operate normally, and the data can communicate with each other without being affected.

The bypass should be simple:

Bypass is generally divided according to the control mode or the trigger mode, which can be divided into the following ways

1. Triggered by power. In this way, the Bypass function is generally turned on when the device is not powered on. If the device is powered on, Bypass is immediately adjusted to the off state.

2. Controlled by GPIO. After entering the OS, you can use GPIO to operate a specific port, so as to control the Bypass switch.

3. Controlled by Watchdog. This situation is actually an extended application of mode 2. You can use Watchdog to control the opening and closing of the GPIO Bypass program to achieve Bypass status control. After using this method, if the platform crashes, Watchdog can open Bypass.

At present, we have independently developed two models of POE switches with bypass function, namely HR600-AXGM-SWG20104AS-BP,  HR600-AXGM-82AS-BP


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