How To Choose A Switch For SMEs

- Nov 30, 2020-

1. Look at the application level

When choosing a switch, you can use the OSI reference model to choose. If the company is only doing data forwarding, it is recommended to use a two-layer switch. If the departments are divided to isolate the departments, it is recommended to choose a three-layer switch. If you need to set up gateways, firewalls and other functions, you need a more advanced firewall-level switch.

2. Look at the number of ports .

The number of switch ports in the company determines the number of switch ports used. If the number of people is 3-14 and the number of employees does not change much in the long term, you can choose a 24-port switch with more than 15 people and other network equipment. In the case of, you need to do some redundancy on the number of ports at this time, you can choose a 48-port switch.

3. Look at the business needs. Normally in the office, you only need to surf the Internet and browse the web without generating too much traffic. Then a 100M switch is sufficient. If there are other video services and other large traffic situations, it is recommended to choose Gigabit switch. If it is a hotel, hotel, etc., you need to use the AC+ wireless AP configuration.