How To Judge Whether The Heat Dissipation System Of A Switch Is Good Or Bad

- Jan 27, 2021-

1. Case cooling system

   Generally speaking, the heat dissipation system of the switch is divided into two types.

   There is no difference between the good and the bad for the two kinds of heat dissipation systems. Different heat dissipation wind directions are formed because of different structural designs.

   There are also some strange designs on the market. Obviously it is the front air inlet and the rear air outlet, but the fan is installed on the side. This design is obviously unreasonable and greatly shortens the service life of the switch.

  2, thermally conductive silicone sheet

  Thermal silicone sheet is mainly used for heat conduction and heat dissipation between the motherboard and the case. The main purpose of selecting thermal silicone sheet is to reduce the contact thermal resistance between the surface of the heat source and the contact surface of the heat sink. The thermal silicone sheet can fill the gap of the contact surface well; with the supplement of the thermal silicone sheet, it can make the heat source The contact surface between the radiator and the radiator is in better and full contact, and real face-to-face contact can be achieved, and the temperature response can reach the smallest possible temperature difference; the thermally conductive silicone sheet not only has insulation properties, but also has the effect of shock absorption and sound absorption.

  3, CPU heat sink

  The heat dissipation speed is fast, and the heat dissipation effect is still stable after long-term use.

  4, switch fan

   Ball fan: Use the principle of rolling friction to generate power, but at the same speed level, the noise is the highest and the manufacturing cost is the highest.

  Magnetic levitation fan: The electromagnetic conversion technology is used to keep the rotor and stator out of contact, so the fan using magnetic levitation technology has low noise, low vibration and long life.