How To Select Three Layers Of PoE Switches In The System

- Mar 25, 2019-

How to select three layers of PoE switches in the system


For a large and medium-sized network monitoring system, the configuration of the switch is composed of three parts: the access layer, the convergence layer and the core layer PoE switch. Each layer of the requirements are different, then how to choose it, to share with you.

Access layer: can choose 8 or 16 ordinary Ethernet switch, for example, Hong Rui HR-AF-81F-T/R, proposed on camera access switch quantity control in 6-10 platform.

We used the actual bandwidth switch is the theoretical value of 50%-70%, so a fast and practical bandwidth in 50M-70M. 4M*12=48M, therefore suggest a fast access to the 720P network access switch maximum 12 cameras. At the same time, considering the current network monitoring using dynamic encoding mode, the camera may exceed 4M stream peak bandwidth, considering the bandwidth redundancy design, so a fast access switch control in 8 less than the best, more than 8 Taiwan recommended Gigabit port.

Convergence layer: performance is higher than the requirements of the access switch, you can choose to upload a layer of two switches, such as ps1016g. The switch port is connected with the grounding switch Baizhao Gigabit port, and the monitoring center core switch connect aggregation switch camera number should be controlled at around 30.

720P network camera 4M stream computing, 720P network has 6 cameras in front of each switch in access layer, the aggregation switch under 5 access layer switch. The aggregation layer switch under the total bandwidth of 4M*6*5=120M, so the aggregation switch and the core switch port Gigabit port should cascade.

The core layer: the core switch is the core of digital monitoring system, the uplink aggregation switch, video surveillance platform, storage server, digital matrix and other equipment, it is recommended to select a three Gigabit core layer switches, the number of cameras more than 150 Taiwan consider three layer Gigabit core switch.

1, in order to facilitate management, optional WEB management switch
2, due to the large video traffic, the optional line speed switch
3, the video data has the characteristics of sudden change, the larger the switch buffer, the better
4, the switch flow control function