HRUI Kindergarten Security Monitoring Solution

- Dec 28, 2020-

Scheme Background

Kindergartens are the main institutions for childcare and education, and they are responsible for cultivating builders and successors. Strengthening the safety management of the kindergarten park and creating a safe and harmonious park environment is the basis and prerequisite for the healthy development of children's body, intelligence and mood, and an inevitable requirement for implementing the national scientific development concept and promoting the sustained, coordinated and healthy development of education.

Requirement Analysis

At present, the construction of security monitoring network in kindergarten parks generally faces problems such as large park area, scattered activity venues, complex buildings, dense faculty, high mobility, complex surrounding environment, and weak protection capabilities of children.


Therefore, in the process of constructing the security monitoring network system of the kindergarten campus, the following requirements must be met:

◆ All monitoring points in the park must be covered in an all-round way to ensure that there are no video blind spots and monitoring blind spots, and the transmission equipment must meet the distance requirements of all monitoring points;

◆ Meet high-definition network video signal transmission quality requirements, ensure smooth, stable, and reliable data transmission, clear monitoring picture quality, 24 hours no drop, no freeze, and low equipment failure rate;

◆ The overall network functions and system equipment must have good compatibility and scalability to meet the subsequent network expansion and extension requirements, and at the same time facilitate subsequent maintenance and management;

◆ The equipment wiring requirements of the scheme are simple, which reduces the overall construction volume. While reducing construction costs, it can ensure that the construction of the scheme will not affect the simplicity and beauty of the kindergarten park environment;

Application Case


◆ The overall plan uses optical fiber as the backbone network, and at the same time uses a full Gigabit network access, which can meet the needs of kindergarten security surveillance video for high-definition, smooth, and non-stuttering.

◆ Adopting PoE technology not only supports large-scale and long-distance power supply and network data transmission, but also eliminates all tedious wiring and wiring workloads, effectively reducing construction costs.

◆ The product is suitable for normal work in -20℃~+55℃ environment, has good anti-interference ability and protection ability, adapts to various complex and harsh environments, and operates stably and reliably.

◆ The core equipment can meet the application needs of large-capacity, high-bandwidth, multi-service concurrency, and high-load processing, and ensure the stability and reliability of the security network.

Success Case


Successful cases: Ganzhou Ruziniu Kindergarten, Guangzhou Rongda Jinxiu Kindergarten, Zhejiang Jiaxing Chengnan Kindergarten, Beijing Huijia Kindergarten, Chengdu Little Doctor Kindergarten, Shenzhen Lihai Chuncheng Kindergarten, Nanjing Galaxy Kindergarten...