HRUI Safe City Road Communication Solution

- Nov 30, 2020-

In recent years, the pace of urban road construction in my country has been accelerating. Advanced technologies such as computer technology, image technology, network technology, and communication technology have been widely used in urban road monitoring systems. As the country vigorously develops the construction of safe cities and implements smart transportation projects, the requirements for real-time analysis, processing and prediction, monitoring networking, and multi-level management of urban road monitoring systems are becoming higher and higher.

System Overview

Road monitoring is part of the urban road monitoring system, which is usually used in urban highways, urban expressways, transit highways, inter-provincial inter-city entrances and exits, urban clusters, and urban-rural junctions. The system is equipped with high-definition cameras, ground line sensors, intelligent detection host and other monitoring equipment; adopts mature Ethernet technology to build an efficient and stable data information transmission network; at the same time uses advanced computer, image processing, pattern recognition, remote data access and other technologies , Carry out all-weather real-time monitoring, automatic recording, intelligent identification, and deployment control of the motorized and non-motorized lanes of the monitored road sections.


The HRUI safe city road industrial communication solution adopts a two-layer star topology structure, and uses HR600-AFGM-82S-BP, HR600-AXGM-SWG20104S-BP at the front end to access high-definition cameras, ground sensors, intelligent detection hosts and other equipment. In the central monitoring room, HR-SWTG3448S is used to access the monitoring platform, server, storage system, etc.

HRUI Safe City Road Communication Solution

The front-end access layer HR600-AFGM-82S-BP, HR600-AXGM-SWG20104S-BP switches, after the ground sensor transmits the data generated by the vehicle to the intelligent detection host, on the one hand, it sends the capture signal of the intelligent detection host Forward to the camera to capture the vehicles or people in the sensing area; on the other hand, the vehicle information processed by the intelligent detection host is uploaded to the database of the monitoring center for data storage, query, and comparison processing.

Solution Advantage

◆ Adopt star network topology structure, the product supports ring network function, can flexibly build tangent ring, intersecting ring and other networks, with very strong system scalability.

◆ Adopt industrial-grade PoE switches with optical ports, gigabit network and optical fiber network structure transmission, support high-bandwidth, long-distance high-definition video signal smooth transmission.

◆ The equipment adopts industrial-grade structural design, normal operation in a wide temperature environment of -40~+80℃, the interface is stable and reliable, and it is anti-lightning, anti-electromagnetic interference, and the transmission network is rock solid.

◆ Convenient management, not only supports the rapid centralized control and management of all monitoring equipment, but also supports hierarchical and domain management requirements such as urban road regional monitoring centers and road section centers.

Products Recommended


◆ HR600-AFGM-82S-BP

10*Gigabit Industrial PoE Switch

8*Gigabit PoE network ports + 2*Gigabit uplink SFP optical ports, 6KV lightning protection, 8KV electrostatic protection, support Bypass bypass protection function, backplane bandwidth 20Gbps, rich layer 2 management functions, working temperature -40~+ 80°C.


◆ HR600-AXGM-SWG20104S-BP

14*port Gigabit Industrial PoE PD Switch

8*Gigabit PoE ports (AT) + 2*Gigabit Ethernet ports (BT) + 4*Gigabit SFP ports + 1 management port, 6KV lightning protection, 8KV electrostatic protection, support Bypass bypass protection function, backplane bandwidth 28Gbps, rich layer 2 management function, working temperature -40~+80℃.


◆ HR-SWTG3448S

10 Gigabit uplink 48*ports Gigabit Layer 3 managed Ethernet switch

48*Gigabit Ethernet ports + 4*10 Gigabit SFP optical ports + 1*Console port + 1*USB port, total power 800W, backplane bandwidth 336Gbps, 6KV lightning protection, 8KV electrostatic protection, rich three-layer management and other functions, working temperature -10~+50℃.

Success Case


HRUI safe city road industrial communication solutions are widely used in safe city construction and smart transportation projects in Shenzhen, Tianjin, Foshan and other regions of China.