Industrial Switches And Commercial Switches

- Mar 29, 2019-

Industrial Ethernet switch. Compared with civilian Ethernet switches, industrial Ethernet switch products in the design and selection of components, and the applicability of the strength of the product can meet the needs of the industrial scene.
2 Industrial Ethernet switches including mechanical and environmental adaptability (such as vibration resistance, impact resistance, environmental adaptability (climate) temperature requirements for 20 ~ +85 DEG C, at least 10 +70 degrees centigrade, and corrosion resistance, waterproof and dustproof), electromagnetic environment adaptability or electromagnetic compatibility EMC EN 50081-2 and EN 50082-2 should meet, EN 50082-3, EN 50082-4, FCC, GB/T17626, IEC61000 and other standards.
3 industrial Ethernet switch products to adapt to the harsh environment of industrial control site. Must be carried out by IEC61000-4-5 and GB/T17626.5 surge test standards for use of network equipment in the industrial field, by IEC61000-4-8, GB/T17626.8 and other standards for power frequency magnetic field immunity test, pulse magnetic field immunity test by IEC61000-4-9, GB/T17626.9, IEC61000-4-11, GB/T17626.11 etc. according to the standard voltage variations immunity test.
4 industrial Ethernet switch most wide voltage design, working voltage 18VDC ~ 36 VDC, 220VA, 220VDC, 110VDC, etc..
5 Industrial Ethernet switch power supply is generally redundant dual power supply design, civilian Ethernet switch for a single power supply.
6 Industrial Ethernet switch installation DIN guide rail, rack, etc.. Civil Ethernet switch installation desktop, rack.
7 industrial Ethernet switch wide working temperature temperature (temperature requirements for 20 ~ +85 ~ +70 - at least for C, c), civil work narrow temperature range Ethernet switch.
8 Industrial Ethernet switch cooling method without fan shell cooling, civil Ethernet switch fan cooling.
9 electromagnetic compatibility (EMC EN500812, industrial EN500812 (EMC), office (EMC) EN500822, EN500822 (industry), EMC office). Industrial Ethernet switches to meet EN500822 (EMC, industrial).
10 industrial Ethernet switch shell material alloy shell, high strength plastic shell, low strength.
11 Industrial Ethernet switch dustproof full closed structure, good dust.
12 industrial Ethernet switch link failure recovery time 300ms. Civilian Ethernet switch 30 seconds or more.
From the various indicators of civil switch difficult for industrial environment demand, so now in the field of industrial automation more and more, many users in order to guarantee the industrial safety, choose to use the industrial Ethernet switch.
The so-called industrial Ethernet, generally refers to the technical and commercial Ethernet (IEEE802.3 standard) compatible, but in product design, selection of the material, the strength of the product, and the applicability of real-time, interoperability, reliability, anti-jamming and safety aspects can meet the needs of the industrial scene.
With the development of Internet technology and the popularization of Ethernet technology has been rapid development, the development of Ethernet transmission rate increasing and Ethernet exchange technology, to solve the problem of non deterministic Ethernet communication brings hope and makes Ethernet fully applied in the field of industrial control become possible.