Intelligent Transportation-HRUI Highway Monitoring System Solution

- Dec 21, 2020-

The expressway is a fully enclosed and all-overpass road. Its ideal characteristics are safety, speed, efficiency, comfort and convenience. With the rapid development of my country's national economy, the number of motor vehicles has increased rapidly, and the traffic demand on expressways is also increasing. At the same time, traffic congestion, traffic accidents, traffic violations, road pollution and other behavior events frequently occur, causing huge traffic safety hazards to the operation of road vehicles, making highway pavement monitoring become the focus of traffic facility construction and management departments.


The highway monitoring system is an important part of the highway and an important means to ensure the high-speed and safe operation of traffic. Its hardware equipment includes control facilities, monitoring facilities, intelligence facilities, transmission facilities, display facilities, and control centers. The working method is that the traffic information obtained by the monitoring and intelligence facilities is transmitted to the control center through the transmission facility, and the analysis and processing results of the control center are transmitted from the transmission facility to the control facility and display facility to control the traffic.


The HRUI highway monitoring system mainly uses industrial Ethernet technology to connect high-definition network cameras, various sensors buried on the road, variable information boards and other front-end equipment. By collecting traffic flow, operating conditions, environmental weather and other data, the high-speed Real-time information on the road surface is communicated to the road supervision department in time. After the information is processed by the preset traffic control strategy plan, it is then provided to the drivers through the information board and other methods to realize the monitoring of the key sections of the expressway, grasp the expressway traffic conditions, find the problems in time, give prompt guidance, and ensure The highway is safe and smooth.



★ Supports fiber optic networking and photoelectric hybrid transmission to achieve large-scale, long-distance, anti-interference network communication coverage;

★ Unimpeded exchange, product forwarding at full line speed, meeting data transmission requirements such as large traffic, high bandwidth, and low latency;

★ Adopt dual power supply redundancy design, which can ensure a more lasting and stable power supply in the event of a power failure or power failure;

★ A variety of ring network types, rich networking methods, meet the needs of industrial networking and communication control, and facilitate network expansion;

★ Using ring network self-healing technology, the ring network self-healing time ≤ 12ms, to ensure that the transmission network quickly heals when the link fails;

★ Support Bypass bypass protection function, to avoid the occurrence of full resistance obstacles due to single point of failure, and improve network reliability;

★ Support BT power receiving PoE, single port maximum power 90W, provide continuous power supply and network transmission for high-power equipment;

★ Industrial-grade structural design, no fan, support DIN and rail type installation, solid protective shell, IP40 standard;

★ Lightning and anti-static, anti-strong electromagnetic interference and surge, -40℃~85℃ wide temperature operation, adapt to various harsh environments;

Products Recommended

❖ HR600-AXGM-SWG20104AS-BP

8 Gigabit POE ports (AT) + 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports (BT) + 4 Gigabit SFP (support 2 2.5G) ports + 1 management port, of which 1-10 ports support PoE and are compatible with IEEE 802.3 af/at/bt international standard, port intelligent identification of AT/AF/BT, port maximum power 90W (9-10 ports support 90W),  bandwidth 34Gbps, port 6KV lightning protection, 8KV anti-static protection, -40℃~+ 85°C wide temperature operation, full two-layer network management, ring network, cascadable, and convergent.



8 Gigabit PoE ports + 4 Gigabit SFP ports + 2 2.5G SFP ports + 1 management port, of which 1-8 ports support PoE, compatible with IEEE 802.3af/at/bt international standards, single port intelligent AT /AF/BT, port maximum power 90W (1-2 ports support 90W), backplane bandwidth 34Gbps, port 6KV lightning protection, 8KV anti-static protection, -40℃~+85℃ wide temperature operation, full two-layer network management, It can be ringed, cascaded, and convergent.


❖ HR600-ATGM-SWTG342408S

24 Gigabit PoE switches + 8 Gigabit SFP optical ports (combo) + 4 10 Gigabit SFP optical ports + 1 Console port, of which 1-24 ports comply with IEEE 802.3af/at international standards, the largest single port Power supply 30W, total power 400W, backplane bandwidth 336Gbps, fanless design, port 6KV lightning protection, 8KV anti-static protection, rich three-layer network management.