Intelligent Transportation-HRUI Highway Tunnel Safety System Solution

- Dec 14, 2020-

The tunnel belongs to the special structure section in the expressway. Due to the narrow space of the tunnel and strong closedness, once fires, accidents, congestion and other problems occur, the environment in the tunnel will change drastically. More serious traffic accidents and congestion are prone to occur, which directly affect the health and safety of life and property of people in the car. Therefore, it is very necessary to establish an intelligent and efficient tunnel monitoring system.


The highway tunnel monitoring system mainly considers the real-time image conditions at the entrance, intermediate section, and exit of the tunnel, the detection of traffic and velocity in the tunnel, the detection of the working status of the ventilation equipment, the detection of power equipment parameters, and the traffic monitoring, control and command links. The overall monitoring system can be roughly divided into subsystems such as lighting, ventilation, video monitoring, fire alarm, emergency telephone, computer control, environmental monitoring, traffic control and information notification.


The HRUI highway tunnel monitoring system solution uses advanced Ethernet power supply and data transmission technology, and adopts self-developed high-performance industrial-grade switches to connect the computer information network system of the highway monitoring center with the ventilation, lighting, and video monitoring in the tunnel , Fire alarm, emergency telephone, environmental monitoring, traffic control and information notification and other subsystems are efficiently linked to establish a fast response, reliable and stable, close data communication network, in the process of information data exchange, transmission, processing and coordination , To realize the intelligent monitoring and management of highway tunnels.



★ Supports fiber optic networking and photoelectric hybrid transmission to achieve large-scale, long-distance, anti-interference network communication coverage.

★ Unblocked exchange, the product is forwarded at full line speed, meeting the data transmission needs of large traffic, high bandwidth, low delay and so on.

★ The dual power supply redundancy design is adopted to ensure a more durable and stable power supply in the event of a power failure or power failure.

★ A variety of ring network types, rich networking methods, meet the needs of industrial networking and communication control, and facilitate network expansion.

★ Using ring network self-healing technology, the ring network self-healing time ≤20ms, to ensure that the transmission network quickly heals when the link fails.

★ Support Bypass bypass protection function, to avoid the occurrence of full resistance obstacles due to single point failures, and improve network reliability.

★ Industrial-grade structural design, no fan, support DIN and rail type installation, solid protective shell, IP40 standard.

★ Lightning and anti-static, anti-strong electromagnetic interference and surge, -40℃~80℃ wide temperature operation, adapt to various harsh environments.