IP Camera And Switch Solutions

- Jul 03, 2020-

First of all, it needs to be understood that the network surveillance camera transmits a digital signal. After the digital signal is compressed, the entire network can be cleared through the switch.

ip camera and switch solution

How does the IP Camera communicate with the network switch?

poe switch and NVR AND IPC

If we use two megapixel IP Camera. At this time, under normal circumstances, the code stream is usually 6Mbps.

If we install 8 cameras, the occupied bandwidth is 48M, and the actual utilization rate of 100M switches is 45%-65%, that is, 45-75M, which can fully meet the transmission requirements of 8 IPCs.


If we need to use more network cameras, it may involve a layer 3 network architecture.

What we usually call a layer 3 network architecture includes an access layer, an aggregation layer, and a core layer. There are more points, and the performance requirements of the core layer switches are higher, so a better quality gigabit switch should be used.