[New Product Express] HRUI# National Standard 10-port 100M Unmanaged 24V PoE Switch

- Nov 11, 2020-

Product Introduction

HR-GB-82N is a standard 10-port 100M unmanaged 24V PoE switch independently researched and developed by HRUI. It has a built-in high-quality and high-speed network chip and has 8*100M PoE network ports + 2*100M uplink ports. PoE network port supports 24V power supply detection technology and has independent port protection function, never burn the device; supports VLAN, Normal, Extend three application modes; simple and convenient to use, stable and reliable performance, smooth data transmission, can be 10/100M Ethernet provides seamless connection and can be widely used in security video surveillance, wireless network coverage and other scenarios to help customers build cost-effective data transmission networks.


一: Independent port protection

1:Original port protection technology, PoE port with independent port short-circuit protection function;

2: When a port is short-circuited or overloaded, the port will automatically disconnect the power supply to protect the equipment from being burned out, and the normal operation of other ports will not be affected;

二:24V power supply detection

1:Compatible with the mainstream and common 24V PoE power receiving equipment on the market, meeting the power supply requirements of PoE equipment in various scenarios;

2:The PoE network port supports 24V power supply detection technology. After power on, it automatically detects whether it is a 24V powered device and supplies power to it. Non-PoE devices do not supply power and only transmit data;

三:Simple and convenient operation

1:Provide 8 100M PoE network ports + 2 100M uplink network ports to connect, which is convenient for users to make flexible networking;

2:Non-network management model, no separate configuration, self-adaptive port, plug and play, simple operation and use;

3:Through the panel indicator, monitor the working status and help failure analysis, and the equipment is easy to maintain;

四:Efficient data transmission

1:Adopt store-and-forward switching mechanism, support jumbo frames, provide large-capacity buffer, and data transmission will not be stuck;

2:All ports support non-blocking wire-speed forwarding, reduce data forwarding delay, avoid packet loss, and make data transmission smoother;

3: Support IEEE 802.3x full-duplex flow control and Backpressure half-duplex flow control;

五:One-key smart DIP

1: Normal: Normal mode, all ports can communicate with each other, the transmission distance is 100 meters, and the network is adaptive;

2:VLAN: Port isolation mode, restrain network storm, prevent virus spread and network attack;

3: Extend: Link extension mode, equipment power supply and data transmission distance can reach up to 250 meters;

六:Stable and reliable equipment

1: High-strength body, metal shell, fanless silent design, natural heat dissipation, stable operation;

2: Working temperature: -20~+50°C, storage temperature: -40°C~+85°C, suitable for various complex environments;

3: Fully comply with CCC, CE, FCC, RoHS safety regulations, safe and reliable in use;

Application Scenarios

HR-GB-82N has unique 24V power supply detection technology and independent port protection function, efficient data transmission, easy operation and use, supports -20~+50℃ wide temperature environment work, stable performance, and is widely used in finance, government, petroleum, and railway , Electricity, public security, transportation, education, medical care, hotels, factories, etc. to build cost-effective security video surveillance networks, multimedia transmission systems, wireless transmission networks, industrial broadband private networks and other projects.


Application Cases