POE Full Network Audio Fixed Installation Series

- May 17, 2019-


Audio Networking


1. PoE full network audio fixed installation series consists of DSP processor, PoE active speaker, PoE audio power module, PoE switch, Dante microphone, I/O interface box.

 It adopts the latest PoE technology standard, and a simple network cable can solve the power supply, transmission and control to meet the sound reinforcement requirements of small and medium-sized places.

2. What are the advantages?

 1. Network PoE power supply and Dante audio data transmission integration, simplify cable layout and comply with Ethernet engineering specifications.

 2, audio transmission to achieve digital, network, system scalability.

3, distributed digital audio system: In the large audio system of multiple input and output devices, the audio device is connected to the decentralized, routing and signal distribution through software.

 4. Through the Dante interface, the delay index of the network audio data is excellent, and the number of audio channels carried by the single network line terminal reaches 64 channel input and 64 channel output.

5. Dante device discovery and network-wide audio routing configuration can be easily implemented using Dante Controller software.

6. PoE network cabling adopts Ethernet cable to carry 50V DC power supply mode, without various restrictions of high-voltage AC wiring, and better meets the requirements of site safety and fire prevention. Third, the application scenario PoE full network audio fixed installation series can be widely used in conference rooms PoE full network audio fixed installation series can be widely used in conference room chapels and banquet halls / multi-purpose halls, theme bars / restaurants, theme parks, shopping malls, etc. The sound reinforcement needs of all small and medium-sized spaces are truly audio IP.