PoE Power Supply Application To Build Intelligent Buildings

- Apr 19, 2019-

PoE power supply application to build intelligent buildings

Intelligent building began to rise in early 90s, people now know is not particularly large, refers to the communication network system to other systems integration, optimization structure, system, service and management and between them, so that the building has the characteristics of safety, convenience, high efficiency and energy saving. The intelligent building system includes video surveillance system, alarm system, intercom system, access control system, fire alarm system, etc.
Intelligent building is an edge of cross discipline, involving computer technology, automatic control, communication technology, construction technology, and there are more and more new technology application in intelligent building, such as PoE power supply technology. PoE technology can make small network devices can be obtained directly from the power cable, no single power line laying, can simplify the wiring system, and reduce the cost of infrastructure network, widely used in security in intelligent building.
In practice, the network of residential buildings usually consists of two layers, the corridor layer and the convergence layer. Although the ordinary corridor layer equipment is two layer switch, the equipment is simple, but the distance between the collector layer and the collector layer is limited by 100m. For the high-rise building, the wiring problem is outstanding. In addition, the corridor installed weak socket, power supply to the monitoring equipment, but also increased the cost of property management. With the long term technical precipitation and profound understanding of the industry, Fengrun has put forward the intelligent building solution of corridor PoE power supply for the above problems.
After the adoption of PoE, the project cost is reduced, energy saving and environmental protection, and also easy to manage and maintain.