Rack Transceiver Features

- Apr 19, 2019-

Standard 2U chassis that can be installed in the machine room rack for easy management and maintenance

Modular power supply design, redundant power supply can be replaced separately to damage the power supply, system operation is not affected

16 optical transceiver modules can be inserted at the same time, and each optical transceiver module works independently from other modules.

16 card modules support hot plug function

Each power module and card module has separate indicator lights

Self-contained fan for centralized cooling of the rack system

Suitable for distributed work mode

Input voltage: AC/DC85V~265V wide voltage input

Power connector: standard power outlet or aviation outlet

Full power consumption of the whole machine: <45W

Mechanical size: length × width × height (482.6mm × 290mm × 88.8mm)

Protection level: 2U metal case Fan cooling

Working temperature: 0 ° C ~ 70 ° C

Storage temperature: -45 ° C ~ 125 ° C

Relative humidity: 10%~95% (no condensation)

Mean Time Between Failure (MBTF): 70,000 hours