Simple! Optical Fiber Bypass Protection Function Industrial Grade Switch Technology Principle

- Dec 22, 2020-

Currently, optical fiber communication networks have been widely used in engineering projects such as energy transportation, smart security, and integrated gallery management. With the development of modern social economy and information and communication technology, people's demand for non-blocking communication technology continues to rise. Once network communication is blocked or interrupted, it will cause huge economic losses. In this context, the Bypass optical path protection system function has emerged. . Next, briefly introduce the technical application of Bypass optical bypass protection function in the field of industrial switches.

1: Bypass optical xian bypass protection system

The optical fiber bypass protection system is an intelligent optical path switching system that is applied in the field of optical fiber communication and can automatically bypass the faulty network node. It can automatically identify the power supply status of the network node and the optical signal output status. When the optical communication equipment of the network node fails (such as power interruption, hardware damage, software failure, etc.), the communication line will bypass the failed node and instantly switch to the bypass optical path, thereby avoiding the occurrence of full-impedance obstacles due to the failed node. Ensure that the system is connected normally.

2: What is an optical switch

To know the working principle of Bypass functional industrial-grade switches, you must first know what an optical switch is.

An optical switch is an optical device with one or more optional transmission ports, and its function is to perform physical switching or logical operations on optical signals in optical transmission lines or integrated optical paths. The basic form of the optical switch is 2×2, that is, there are two optical fibers at the input and output ends, which can complete two connection states: parallel connection and cross connection. Let's take the Bypass optical switch in the form of 2×2 as an example to explain its working principle in detail.


When the device is working normally, the optical signal is input through port 1, enters the device through port 3, is transmitted to the optical switch through port 4, and output from port 2. When the equipment fails, the optical switch recognizes the abnormal state of the optical signal and the electrical signal. The optical signal is input through port 1 and output directly from port 2, thus bypassing the failure point and directly transmitting, thereby effectively avoiding single node failure causing the entire network to be interrupted .

3: Working principle of Bypass function

The Bypass switch adopts a mechanical optical switch module. When the device is working normally, the network data information is processed by the device chip and then forwarded to the next node; when the device fails, it quickly switches to the Bypass optical fiber bypass protection function mode, and the network data The information is directly forwarded without processing, thereby avoiding the occurrence of full-blocking obstacles due to the failure of the node, and ensuring the normal connection of the communication system.

4: Bypass function application types

★ Industrial grade switch + Bypass protector structure

The industrial-grade switch + Bypass protector structure is simple to deploy. Any switch + Bypass protector can realize the corresponding function without any technical difficulty. Although the scheme also implements Bypass bypass protection in principle, it has many obvious shortcomings and is easy to increase the point of failure. Whether the industrial-grade switch and the Bypass protector use dual power supplies or a single power supply in series, once the industrial-grade switch fails Cannot work normally, even if the bypass protector is powered normally, the bypass protector will not start normally, which will cause the line network failure.

★ External industrial switch with Bypass function

The optical switch of the external Bypass industrial switch has been built into the switch to realize the centralized power supply of the optical switch and the switch. As long as the optical module and the optical switch are connected together, the Bypass optical bypass protection function can be realized. However, this solution has a shortcoming, that is, the optical switch and the optical module need to be switched through jumpers, and wiring needs to be added, which is not convenient and also adds additional points of failure.

★ Built-in Bypass industrial grade switch,

The built-in Bypass function industrial-grade switch can not only realize the optical switch and centralized power supply of the switch, but also realize the internal transfer of the optical module and the optical switch through the built-in optical module, which simplifies the interface structure and reduces the workload of construction. Industrial-grade switches with HRUI Bypass protection function adopt the built-in application mode of optical modules.

5: Difference from ordinary industrial ring network switches

Bypass functional industrial-grade switch, in addition to the optical fiber ring network function of ordinary industrial-grade ring network switch, it also has dual protection functions. When using ordinary industrial-grade ring network switches, when a single node fails, the network transmission can be restored through the backup link, but when two or more nodes fail, the network cannot restore the communication function. Using industrial-grade switches that support Bypass function can effectively make up for this.

6: Bypass function industrial switch application scenario