Stackable Gigabit Switch

- Feb 13, 2019-

These switches are often used to connect users to high-speed campus backbones. Usually, they have some so-called high-speed "user" ports and are highly scalable. When data is aggregated from these ports, it is passed away from the higher-speed data uplink path to enable data interaction with devices such as the central server and IP PBX. Stackable switches are typically placed in the corporate wiring closet or machine room, and can accommodate growing networks. If a new user joins the network, the administrator simply places a new device on the original device and then connects all the switches through an external "stacking" interface. In fact, it's like you've developed a new, larger switch yourself that can be easily managed with the original switch, but with increased capacity.

Having a high-speed stacking port is a fundamental feature of a stackable switch.