The Application Of Hong Rui POE Switch In HD Electronic Police System

- Apr 19, 2019-

Using HyperTrans LRE technology to Hong Rui‘s leading to 10M Ethernet signal transmission distance in 5 kinds of common line is extended to 1400 meters, the transmission distance of 100M Ethernet signal in common 5 kinds of line is extended to 300 meters. Long distance POE switch completely conforms to the IEEE802.3af standard, with a 4 POE long distance switch, not only can give HD network camera access to Ethernet four blocks, but also can save the power supply for HD camera. A total of three switches and save the power supply of four HD cameras. This greatly simplifies the network structure. Poe switch allows high-definition network camera access to the network when plug and play, without software and protocol conversion. For network equipment installation, construction, commissioning, maintenance, save a lot of manpower and material resources. Long distance POE switch also with VLAN (virtual local area network) function, support port based VLAN technology, through the automatic Vlan division, to split the broadcast domain, to suppress the purpose of broadcast storm. Long distance POE optical switch is also supported, the Ethernet signal by photoelectric conversion through the optical fiber to achieve long-distance transmission of information.
Long distance POE switches are widely used in traffic monitoring. With the wide application of high-definition network camera, POE switch will play an increasingly obvious advantage in the application of electronic police system. The application scheme of high definition electronic police based on long distance POE switch not only reduces the cost of network, but also shortens the construction time and reduces the cost of equipment maintenance.