The Difference Between PoE And PoE+?

- Dec 10, 2020-

Introduction to poe and poe+:

  1. PoE+ is the abbreviation of Power over Ethernet Plus, abbreviated as Enhanced Power over Ethernet, which is an upgraded version of POE, and the standard number is IEEE802.3at.

  2, POE switch port supports output power up to 15.4W or 30W, in line with IEEE802.3af/802.3at standards.

  The difference between poe and poe+:

  1. The maximum power of PoE+ can be increased to 25.5W. Some manufacturers’ products can support up to 50W, while the power available for poe is 25.4W;

  2, PoE maximum support current is 350mA, PoE+ maximum support current is 600mA;

  3, PoE+ adds a power management mode;