The Use of PoE Splitter

- Feb 22, 2021-

The PoE splitter is mainly used to separate the power supply into a network signal and a power signal. There are two output lines, a power line and a network signal line (ordinary network cable), which are respectively output to non-PoE network terminals such as network cameras and wireless APs. Its function is just right Contrary to PoE power supply. The power output has 5V, 9V, 12V, etc., which can match various non-POE power receiving terminals with direct current (DC) input, and supports the IEEE802.3af/802.3at standard.

The network signal output line is an ordinary network cable directly connected to the network port of the non-POE power receiving terminal. If the IPC does not support POE power supply, the POE switch can be connected to the POE splitter for power supply and data transmission.

There are many specifications of POE splitters. Some PoE splitters can only be used with specific PSE power supply equipment. Therefore, you must choose a suitable POE splitter, otherwise it will burn the camera.

There are many specifications of POE splitters, such as standard 12VPOE, non-standard 48V, non-standard 24V, non-standard 12V, etc., so you need to choose a splitter that matches the switch.

Because some POE splitters do not have an isolation transformer, the function of the isolation transformer is to couple the 48V voltage input by PoE to the other end and output 12V. When the line receives a high voltage shock, the voltage will cause the PoE modules along the line Damage, gradually break down the PD chip and PWM control chip. When the voltage impacts the isolation transformer, because the 48V to 12V of the isolation transformer is coupled to the other end through electromagnetic induction, there is no physical contact, so the voltage impact is blocked. Come, you can protect the camera from being burned out. Therefore, when choosing a POE splitter, attention should be paid to the matching of specifications and the isolation transformer.