What Is An ATM Switch

- Jan 26, 2021-

ATM switches are switch products used in ATM networks. However, due to the unique technical characteristics of the ATM network, it is now only widely used in the backbone network segment of telecommunications and postal networks. Compared with the high-quality and low-cost Ethernet switches, the price of ATM switches is really high, so there is no trace of it in ordinary local area networks.

The difference between ATM switch and ordinary switch

Switches running on ATM protocol

Ordinary ones run on the Ethernet protocol.

The ATM switch forwards the WAN Layer 2 protocol data packet, and the Ethernet switch forwards the LAN Layer 2 protocol data packet.


The ATM of the network refers to: Asynchronous Transfer Mode, what is its full name? Asynchronous Transfer Mode;

  ATM is generally used in the backbone of a wide area network. Transmission of fixed-length cells. Those who study the Internet have learned a certain basic, but now they are gradually becoming marginalized