Why Security Monitoring To Use PoE Switches

- Apr 19, 2019-

Video surveillance is one of the most effective means of ensuring urban and social security, in the streets and even

the countryside.
A surveillance camera will be installed. We all know that in today‘s high-definition video surveillance systems, PoE 
switches are always used.So, must security monitoring be used with PoE switches?

The network surveillance camera needs power to work and run. In some less complicated places, install the power 
It‘s not very difficult, if it‘s a place where you can‘t install a power outlet at all, or if you don‘t want to pull the wires 
What should I do at this time? Using PoE switches can solve this problem very well, not only without having to bother
The power line is pulled, and the electronic equipment that is powered by the Ethernet path can be used without an 
additional power outlet.Therefore, the time and money for configuring the power line can be omitted, and the cost of 
the entire device system is relatively reduced.
In the city‘s security monitoring system, using PoE switches to supply power is not only a very great technology, but 
also a great technology.
It can greatly save construction costs and save energy, which is a benefit for humanity. Security monitoring must be
PoE switches are used, but in short-distance transmission, the use of PoE switches is extremely advantageous, which 
is also "doing high-definition, the origin of the phrase "use PoE switch".
It is precisely because of so many advantages that PoE switches are loved by engineering companies all the way. 
Especially Hong Ruiguangxiang‘s PoE switch
Series, and Ethernet switch series, with its excellent performance and price advantages, and comprehensive equipment
solutions, widely the reputation of big engineering companies and users has been passed down and praised.