10 Port 100M Passive POE Switch

10 Port 100M Passive POE Switch

HR-FB-82N (8*10/100M POE Port+2 *10/100M Ethernet Port)
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Product Details

【Product Description】

Passive PoE power supply switch, support 45+ 78- line sequence power supply, suitable for 45+ 78-power supply equipment; if the connected equipment does not support this method, it may damage the connected equipment; for such equipment, available support 45+ 78-PoE splitter to separate the power transmitted by the network cable from the data signal to achieve power over Ethernet.


PoE technology (Power over Ethernet) is Power over Ethernet technology, which refers to the transmission of data signals for some IP-based terminals (such as IP phones, wireless access APs, network cameras, etc.) while also providing DC power for this device Technology, these devices receiving DC power supply are called powered devices.


【Main Feature】

1. 8*100M PoE ports + 2*100M uplink Ethernet ports

2. The PoE power supply port adopts 45+ and 78-power supply modes, and the PoE power supply voltage can be customized as required

3. Support PoE equipment power supply such as wireless access point (AP) and network surveillance camera via Ethernet cable

4. Use store-and-forward exchange mechanism

5. All ports support wire-speed switching

6. Zero configuration feature, automatically supplied to the connected device

7. Panel indicators to monitor working status and help fault analysis

8. Extend mode with DIP switch supports 250 meters long distance transmission (Category 6 network cable).

9. Comes with three-speed one-key smart dial switch, supports VLAN, OFF, Extend three modes.

General Parameters

Product Name

10-port 100Mb Passive PoE switch

Product Model


Port Description

8*10/100M POE Port+2*10/100M Ethernet Port

Network Protocol




IEEE 802.3i

PoE Parameters

PoE port output voltage:  DC :15V/24V/48V

PoE power supply core:4/5+ ; 7/8-




Vlan: Port isolation mode. In this mode, the PoE ports (1-4 ports) of the switch cannot communicate with each other, and can only communicate with the UP-link port, which helps prevent broadcast storms and improve the stability of the network;  

OFF: Normal mode, all interfaces can communicate with each other, the transmission distance is within 100 meters, and the transmission rate is 10M / 100M adaptive;
Extend: Link extension mode. In this mode, the PoE power supply and data transmission distance of the switch can be extended to 250 meters, and the transmission rate becomes 10M;

Network transmission medium

10Base-T: Category 3 (Cat3) or above UTP / STP (≤100m)

10Base-T: Category 6 (Cat6) or above UTP / STP (≤250m)

100Base-TX: Category 5 (Cat5) or above UTP / STP (≤100m)

Power supply voltage

Input voltage: AC 100-240V output: 15V / 24V / 48V Total power: 120W

Working Environment

Working temperature: -20 ~ 50 ° C

Storage temperature: -40 ~ 85 ° C

Operating humidity: maximum relative humidity 90%, non-condensing

Storage humidity: maximum relative humidity 95%, non-condensing

Working height: Maximum 10,000 feet (3,000 meters)

Storage height: Maximum 10,000 feet (3,000 meters

Weight Dimensions

Product size (L × W × H): 200mm * 120mm * 45mm

Packing size (L × W × H): 303mm * 190mm * 60mm

Product weight: 0.7kg

Package weight: 1.0kg


2 years

Hardware Parameters



Packet Forwarding Rate




MAC Address


Forwarding Mode


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