Product Application

1. HD monitor transmission and power supply
2. Wireless AP layout transmission and power supply

3. Network telephone transmission , intelligent house and home system

4. Intelligent transportation supervisory system (ITS)

5. High-speed Way supervisory/Tele-Communication System

6. Security protection system, TV medical treatment

7. Long-distance Muti-media Schooling, Campus monitoring

8. Long-distance broadcast television transmission system

9. High-building Security Protection, Military Tele-Com project

Armed Police Digital_12

           Armed Police Digital

Changsha Maglev T3 Project       Changsha Maglev T3 Project

Shanxi Datong coal integrate54     Shanxi Datong coal integrated

Shijiazhuang Troops23

        Shijiazhuang Troops

UK  ANPR  System54

          UK  ANPR  System

Changsha International45

Changsha Intermational Exhibition

                         CenterDaqing Oilfield Mining34

           Daqing Oilfield Mining

Shenzhen Bus Charging 23

      Shenzhen Bus Charging 23

Tian jin Highway12

            Tian jin Highway

Urumqi Train Station Optical67

   Urumqi Train Station Optical

Changsha Maglev T3 Project

        Changsha Maglev T3 Project

Fuzhou Safe City System Project_78

  Fuzhou Safe City System Project

Shenzhen Metro Line 20 Proje34

  Shenzhen Metro Line 20 Project

Vietnam Intelligent89

           Vietnam Intelligent

Ya’an Highway_12

         Ya’an Highway